How to Hide Coaxial Cable? | Top Hacks for Hiding Ugly Wires

As much as we love cables and all the devices they connect, the fact remains that they are an eyesore.

We have all tried hiding them in several ways such as tucking them behind shelves or desperately hiding them whenever you get a chance. How about learning how to hide coaxial cables the right way so that you don’t have to worry about them at all?

How to Hide Coaxial Cable?

Here, let’s go through different ways in which you could hide coax cables:

Method-1: Install cable channels

You can buy cable channels and install them along the ceiling. They will still be visible, but they will look so much better than what they would look on the floor. Once you place the cable in the channel, you can press the channels together, if needed.

Install cable channels

Method-2: Install coaxial cables along the wall

Using the wall to your advantage is a great way to hide your coaxial cable. This may require little hard work, but if you are up for it, you will have a neat home with zero clutter.

However, you should remember that you can only do this if you have an attic upstairs or above the room where you have to worry about your coaxial cables. You will need the right cables to facilitate this. If you are not much of a DIY person, you could take the help of a professional.

Install coaxial cables along the wall

Method-3: Install them along the baseboard

Learning how to install a coaxial cable along the baseboard is a great idea as well, provided you have the space for the cables. If you have no other option and if there’s a lack of space, you could choose flat cables for your home theatre system instead.

Install them along the baseboard


  1. Even though hiding wires under the carpet seems like the easiest, quickest idea, it is hazardous because the carpets can cause abrasions and lead to a fire.
  2. We recommend flat fires instead of regular, round wires when you are short on space.
  3. Use a raceway only when you want to use multiple wires at once. This is because it will take up too much space.
  4. Some people prefer nailing the wire to the wall. We don’t recommend this as well because the room will still not look aesthetic and the wires will still be ugly.

Knowing how to hide coaxial cable is crucial so that your room is equipped with all the tech you need without wires spoiling how it looks. Do you have any more ideas to hide ugly coaxial wires? We would love to hear them.

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