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How to Remove Coaxial Cable Lock – Steps to Remove Coax Cable Ends

Coaxial cable locks are generally used or seen in hotel rooms, behind television or ceiling. The coaxial cable prevents the guest from removing the cables attached in a room or a given space. It is an inner conductor of the outer cable. Electrical connection flows through the center of the cable. 

How to Remove Coaxial Cable Lock 

How to remove coaxial cable lock 

Step 1: The first step is to remove the coaxial cable lock is, to insert a tissue paper between the coaxial cable and cable lock. The cable lock is attached to the wall mount and has a plastic sleeve. 

Step 2: Once you insert a tissue paper, now you need to add a clip inside the paper. The clip of a pen should be wedged and connected to the cable. If you have an adequately wedged clip, you can easily unscrew the cable lock.

Step 3: Once you have inserted the pen cap, now press it firmly and turn the cable lock anticlockwise. By turning it anticlockwise, you can remove the lock. Continue the process till it’s wholly unscrewed. This process prevents your connector from slipping.

How to Replace Coaxial Cable Connector 

How to replace Coaxial cable connector 

Step 1: Before you return coaxial cable, make sure you have disconnected it from the device to which it was attached. Be careful as one can get a serious injury for being careless. Working with cables means giving twice attention to safety.

Step 2:  Use a wire stripper and cut the copper wire. The first layer of copper wire is a bit harder and strong, so cutting the cable will be a bit tough job. Take care of the wire braiding, which is beneath the jacket. 

Step 3:  Position the replacement connector at the end of the cable. For this, you’ll need a pair of pliers to twist the cable and connector. 

Step 4: You can do the final step by two methods, compressing and crimping. Both of these are easy to perform, and the process is also simple. Insert the cable into the new connector and place it with your compression tool. Secure the cable and fix it with a unique coaxial wire.

So, this is how you remove and replace the coaxial cable lock. Follow the pattern and fix your cable issues quickly.

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